Saturday, January 3, 2009

What Does "Evangelical" Mean?

"...'Evangelical' (a term so controversial that the entire annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society in 2001 was devoted to 'Defining the Boundaries of Evangelicalism'). In this work I will be no more precise when defining Evangelical than to mean the theology and practice considered orthodox by a consensus of the heirs of the Reformation. In addition to the Reformation doctrines commonly known as the solas, this definition would include the divine inspiration of the sixty-six books of the Bible, the deity of Jesus Christ, the necessity and sufficiency of His life and death as an atonement for sinners, and the imperative of the new birth in order to have eternal life."

- Donald S. Whitney, Defining the Boundaries of Evangelical Spirituality (A Paper Presented on November 15, 2001 at the 53rd Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society)

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