Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cool Enough to be Uncool

I don't know if it's still the buzzword among the younger ones but, back in the day, being "cool" was what it was all about. "Cool" could mean you were conforming to the latest fad and fashion or going against it in a screaming way, brandishing unconformity in the choice of wardrobe, music and overall personal style. It was a crazy word. Everyone wanted to be "cool" and yet it was a hazy concept, with one being "cool" one day and horribly "out-of-style" the next.

Simply put, the corrupt, anti-God world system wants its denizens adopting certain mindsets, beliefs and philosophies which, naturally, must translate to behavior. It wants people flaunting their independence. To be "cool", you had to be independent; you had to put forth evidence of this independence, this self-sufficiency, this I-am-the-captain-of-my-ship principle in how you conducted yourself in every area of life. Sporting designer and branded anything meant that you were made, or rebelling against the establishment signified strength and a tough core. Of course, no one can maintain this charade for long and many end up crushed under the weight of this mindless and stupid burden.

The Christian young person does not need to aim for the world's standard of "coolness". For one thing, independence is a myth. Not a single human being is independent of God, regardless of how one may think that not to be the case. When a person sleeps at night, he lays himself at the mercy of the God who sustains life, unwittingly hoping that he wakes up the next day with the breath of life still in him. In every sphere of existence, the creature is dependent upon the Creator.

I offer this challenge to not just the new generation but to everyone who names the Name of Christ: DEPEND ON GOD WITH ALL YOUR BEING. Risk being called "uncool" by those you perceive as mattering in your life if this means glorifying Christ. Do you crave being called a "winner"? A winner at what? At having your own way in every decision of life and amassing symbols of power? Why not rather be spat upon and labelled a "loser"? Was not your Lord treated in the same way? Would you claim Him as Lord and yet shun the kind of life He lived? Would you desire eternal life without carrying your cross?

Be as an utterly helpless child at the feet of God--NOTHING IS COOLER THAN THAT!

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