Saturday, February 7, 2009

To be Meek is NOT to be Weak

This hour-long sermon by Pastor Mark Kielar really ministered to me. His fresh insight on the blessedness of meekness, and how it is founded on the prior blessedness of brokenness and mourning, reinforced these concepts on humility that have long been brewing inside my soul.

I hope the sermon does for you what it did for me, and that is solidify the centrality of humility in the head, heart, and hands.

Video #2


  1. I found great comfort and joy as well in my sitting down to the preaching of God's word through Mark Kielar.

  2. Hi, JM.

    Have you been partaking of Mark Kielar's others sermons for a time now?

    And thanks for dropping by, brother.


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