Friday, February 27, 2009

Infinite Happiness

"The wealth of his grace is immeasurable. It will take eternity for him to show us all the kindness he has to show. That is what it means to be God. In him there is always more to know, more to marvel at, and more to enjoy. This makes me very happy."

- John Piper, A Godward Life, Book I, 109, p. 293


  1. I recently memorized Eph.1:3-14 and have been meditating on it. It has much to say along the lines Piper is giving above. Thanks for the good word.

  2. Thank you so much for the Scripture reference.

    Our eternity with God would not be spent in monotony but in a never-ending discovery and enjoyment of all His pleasures.

    This is deep encouragement for our current earthly lives as it keeps the flames of hope burning and is a key element of God's persevering grace.

  3. I love John Piper's books. My favorite is "The Pleasures of God". I have a question and have no place else to ask, so I hope you don't mind. The blogs list to the right, continually updates what and when the last post was. Where can I subscribe to that? You can write me privately if you like and delete this comment if you feel it inappropriate. Thanks brother.

  4. Hi, Bro. Ed.

    I'll never delete any post from you. ;-)

    Regarding your question, click on the "Customize" link sandwiched between "New Post" and "Sign Out". Once inside, click on "Add a Gadget", then select "Blog List". There you can add the links that you want viewed.

    Tell me if you need more help.



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