Monday, May 9, 2011

What If Manny Pacquiao Was Reformed?

Another win for the Pacman and it seems like there's no end in sight. His boxing victories have made him a household name internationally, secured for him a position in the Philippine government as a Congressman, and fattened his wallet astronomically—so much so that to say he is wealthy is like saying Jughead loves hamburgers (ain't it obvious?! LOL).

But what if Manny was Reformed? And not just Reformed but Confessionally Reformed? Would we be witnessing a different public persona? I think we would.

For starters, I believe Manny would use his influence to have his fights air in the Philippines on Saturdays, instead of the prevailing Sunday airings. As a Confessionally Reformed Christian, Manny would honor the Lord's Day and would cringe at the thought of causing his countrymen to defile the Sabbath through his fights. That means he would probably insist on fighting on a Friday so that he may have enough rest after the fight to make it to the Sunday meeting.

Secondly, Manny would not have run as a Congressman. He would have devoted his time, energy, and resources to furthering the Confessionally Reformed faith in the Philippines, and even abroad. His 2K theology would inform his decisions. While he would be the last person to advocate insubordination to civil authority, he would also not waste his assets on the passing artifacts of this present age but use them for the furthering of the spiritual kingdom.

He probably would have sponsored elders in his church (or those of sister churches) who were desirous of attaining quality, Confessionally Reformed, seminary education abroad, with the grander goal of planting more Confessionally Reformed churches and establishing Confessionally Reformed seminaries of like caliber in the country.

Lastly, related to the second point, Manny would not have amassed a lot of the symbols of worldly affluence that his means allowed. He would've bought one nice home here in the Philippines for his family (perhaps another for his parents and some capital for his siblings so they could start a livelihood undertaking that would enable them to buy homes of their own), probably a couple of vehicles (depending on the needs of the family), saved for his children's inheritance, and used the rest for kingdom work.

I dunno. Maybe the title should've read, "What If I Was Manny?" LOL.

The thing is, the Lord often does not grant His children excess in this world's goods precisely because the human heart is predisposed to independence. For the child of God, the day's promise of God's providence, in terms of one's needs, is all the security that he needs to live a life of peace and joy.


Don't get wrong. I don't know my heart well enough to affirm that I would perform all the points mentioned above...if I was Manny.

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