Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Great Minds Think 2K

Given some of the anti-2K rhetoric floating around on the blogosphere in light of the recent eradication of the top Islamic terrorist kingpin, it is a ray of sunshine to see a great mind like Carl Trueman NOT failing to see the 2K import behind the headlines.

Trueman says, "I am a patriotic Englishman myself and, even as a resident alien, felt a flush of satisfaction when I heard about Sunday's special operation -- but it should have no place in the church...we need to make sure that national agendas and patriotism are checked at the church door."

'Nuf said!


  1. They're not checked at the door. They're informed by what goes on inside the door. They don't take over what does on inside, but they're prayed for and addressed inside (1 Tim 2:1-3). King Jesus is ruler of the Kings of earth (Rev 1:5), which means they are called to submit (Ps 2). Too much 2K goes too far.

  2. The civil government is indeed prayed for by the Church and the members of the Church being citizens, likewise, of the kingdoms of this world are called to submit to their authority.

    What Trueman is saying is that there is an intrinsic difference by which the citizens of the heavenly kingdom deal with the civil as it does with the spiritual kingdom, by virtue of the difference in nature of these two kingdoms.

    The kingdoms of this world are passing away, while the spiritual kingdom is being built up progressively through Word and Sacrament and not through civil or cultural encroachment.


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