Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Camping-Finney Connection

May 21, 2011 came and went, the sands of time still trickle down, redemptive history is still playing out, Harold Camping has once again been proven a false prophet, and the status quo has been maintained—or has it?

If Christianity is painted with a broad brush (as it usually is by those antagonistic to it), then the latest Camping episode might prove to be another color option in the palette of the perceived untenability of Christianity.

It's bad enough that true, historic, catholic, biblical, and Reformed Christianity has Finney's fiendish formula to contend with, but with the massive media coverage that this latest Camping debacle has generated, it would not be difficult to see that more hardening and darkening are inevitable.


  1. I agree. Laughing at a false prophet's predictions shouldn't be common ground for believer and unbeliever. They're laughing at Christianity in general. We need to use this sort of thing as a springboard to witness to the truth.

  2. Indeed, sir.

    Now Camping has moved the date to October.

    I think for him, senility is sin.


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