Friday, July 1, 2011

The Trivium and the Quadruple D of Christianity

We need to have been told of what happened, of how God created reality, of how He covenanted with the pinnacle of His creation—man, of how man broke the covenant, of how God made a way for the breach to be repaired through the life and death of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, and of how history has been culminating in the renewal of creation. All this could not have been rationally apprehended internally. This is the DRAMA.

These truths, and their corollaries, were inscripturated in the canonical Bible, and the truth systems inherent in it are called DOCTRINE.

The restored relationship of favor between man and his Covenant Lord puts him in the original position of living, moving, and having his being for the praise and glory of God, and this drama and doctrine-driven response is DOXOLOGY.

The doxological response is then "fleshed out" in daily living in what is called DISCIPLESHIP.

In the table below, Dr. Michael Horton charts the relationship of the trivium to the quadruple D of Christianity:


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