Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Reformed and the Pitbull

This blog post here further reinforces the parallelism between being truly Reformed (Confessionally Reformed) and the Pitbull in that, though intrinsically endowed with exquisite virtue, a mental malignancy brought on by misconception and misinformation has served to mar the reputations of both, especially in the area of "niceness."

Another point of parallelism here.

And Dr. R. Scott Clark talks about "Reformed niceness" here.

(A 2004 or 2005 breeding)


  1. Pitbulls are my favorite breed. I owned a pit I named Gideon after the Gideon in the Bible. He was the most loyal dog I've ever owned. I would never want another breed of dog.

    As for R. Scott Clark, I have my differences with the man over the theology of common grace and the theology of Cornelius Van Til. I still respect his stand against Arminianism and the Federal Vision, though.


  2. "Pitbulls are my favorite breed...I would never want another breed of dog."

    My sentiments exactly.

    Back in 2002, I imported a well-bred, game-bred bitch off of the Redboy-Jocko-Bolio-Tombstone line, through the Mayday line, for $1500. That was back when I had the clams. LOL.

    As Calvin used heavy animal imagery in his theological work, I found it nice to draw this parallelism between the Reformed and my favorite dog breed.

    The APBT is #1.

  3. I agree bro. The analogy is spot on.

  4. I guess I am not the only one in this world into Bulldogs and Theology after all :-) Nice blog !

  5. Travis, "nothing new under the sun" has taken on more meaning for me upon discovery of you (or you of me). Didn't know there were other Reformed dogmen out there! Are there more of our kind out there? :-)


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