Thursday, June 24, 2010

Calvin Was a Republicationist

"The example of Moses ought to have been remembered by the Jews, more than that of any other; for through him they were delivered from bondage, and the covenant of God was renewed, with them, and the constitution of the Church established by the publication of the Law" (John Calvin, Commentary on Hebrews).


  1. I don't think I fully understand. RS Clark talks about the Mosaic Covenant being temporary. What was included in the Mosaic Covenant anyway? Was the the Decalogue, then, also temporary?

  2. I've read part 3. Clark says: "We don’t ground the decalogue purely in Moses. We ground it in nature."

    I honestly don't get this one. Can you provide resource that talk about the decalogue being grounded from nature/creation. Coz right now, it sounds like eisegesis to me.

  3. The Mosaic Covenant consisted of types and shadows that pointed to Christ, Kim.

    The Decalogue, being the moral will of God, will endure forever.


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