Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Beasley on Success

"How do you define success? Many people define success in terms of this world's possessions and positions. Unfortunately, many Christians have joined them in the materialistic 'rat race.' I, too, have been caught up in the same thing.

When I was a brand-new Christian over twenty-five years ago, I told God, 'Lord, you were smart to save old Beasley! I'm going to cut a wide swath for You in the real estate development business. And, I'm going to cut Your church in on a big share of the profits!' Who was I kidding? Certainly not God. I was in it for Beasley, using God as my 'ace in the hole' to assure my 'success' in the world.

God then proceeded to take me not to profitability but to deep indebtedness. It took over 20 years to get my financial head above water again. But I found success! 'Where?' some one asks. In the discipline of my heavenly Father.

Those who love the world system plow vainly ahead, seeking the treasures that the world has to offer. But I found out that what the world has it gives begrudgingly, if at all. And once you have its treasures, at least four things happen. First, the 'treasure' is never as good as you thought. Second, you become addicted, as a little treasure causes you to seek more and more. Third, you worry about losing what treasure you've achieved. Fourth, you realize that you can't take your treasure with you when you die. I call it the 'short view' of life.

God's view is the 'long view.' First, God's treasure is better than advertised. Second, it brings contentment. Third, God's treasure brings peace and assurance. Fourth, His treasure is eternal. You can take it with you! Seek God's treasure, and let Him define 'success' for you."

Robert C. Beasley (graduate of Westminster Seminary California and church elder. Founder of COMPS InfoSystems, where he was CEO until he retired to devote more time to teaching and writing), The Commandments of Christ, ch. 8, pp. 95-96.

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