Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Holy Spirit Makes Men

I left a "seeker-sensitive" megachurch where it seems that men are chosen to the position of elder by virtue of clout, influence, charisma, and personality. Going by the kind of preaching and teaching these men put out, it is apparent that it was never a prerequisite that they be gifted in matters of doctrine—having the ability to teach and rule—and be advanced in sanctification. If they could put on a good "show", they were given the pulpit as the stage for their theatrics.

Now, I don't doubt or question the sincerity of these men in their desire to serve the Lord. However, it is a matter of biblical fact that not all men are gifted and chosen by the Spirit for the eldership, and Scripture has laid down strict and exclusive principles in the determination of those thus chosen. Needless to say, the "showbiz" factor is not one of them.

"The Holy Spirit makes men bishops. He makes bishops of those whom he first makes men. He makes men bishops by giving them gifts for teaching and rule. He makes men ready for this service by maturing them in their gifts and by the work of sanctification in their lives. Chronological age is not the primary rule; but we do need to beware of making bishops of men whom the Lord has not yet made elders in widsom, discernment, and spiritual graces. To ordain a novice is only to minister confusion to the flock of Christ."

Lawrence R.Eyres, 'The Elders of the Church', ch. 9, p. 51.

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