Saturday, January 30, 2010

It Takes Courage to Be Truly Reformed

"It takes no courage to sign up as a Protestant. After all, millions have done so throughout the West. They are not in any peril. To live by the truths of historical Protestantism, however, is an entirely different matter. That takes courage in today's context."

David F. Wells, The Courage to Be Protestant

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  1. Indeed, simply to commit to keep The Lord's Day and not dine out at restaurants with friends from a PCA church - and explain why, based on the 4th commandment and described in the WCF, and then be told that there are many ordained PCA pastors that actually take exception to keeping The Lord's Day as described in the WCF was such a shock to me. I had no idea that it takes courage to be reformed - even inside the reformed church context!


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