Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Weekly Antidote to Worldliness

Those who have a low view of the Sabbath, who deem it as unbinding, forfeit on a key means to overcoming worldliness.

"The Lord's day with its worship directs our attention to God and eternity. How we need this. We need to get away from the toil and dayliness of living and be reminded that a better day is coming. This not only fortifies us in suffering and persecution, but also arms us against worldliness. Spiritually, we need adjustments, and if we cling to our worldly tasks and recreations on the Lord's day, we will not be realigned with God's perspective, and the world will tighten its grip on us."

- Joseph A. Pipa, The Lord's Day, 'The Work of the Sabbath', ch. 10, p. 168


  1. In the Lord's house, on the Lord's Day. Where ELSE can we go to enjoy the spiritual presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ, in the preaching of the Gospel, and participating in the Lord's Supper. What a wonderful way for believers to remember Him till He comes again.

    Craig B

  2. Amen, Craig.

    It is heaven on earth until the Lord comes again.


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