Sunday, March 8, 2009

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord—Woe is Me!

Isaiah 6 cuts to the quick! Just for the life we lived today, you and I can fittingly cry "Woe is me!", for its incongruity to God's holiness and our professed Christianity. We miss the mark time and time again and we mourn. We cry out to God and ask for more of His holiness to be who and what we are, not just positionally, but in true substance and character. And so we will never cease to worship Him for all eternity for that is precisely what He has accomplished in Christ, and that is make a way for us to be partakers of His holiness, His beauty, and His character.


  1. Indeed...Woe is me! I just can't understand, comprehend, apprehend, the Grace of God that spans the gulf between His holiness and my fallenness. Have you read "The Holiness of God" by Sproul?

  2. Bro,

    I haven't seen that book by Sproul in many of the bookstores here, but I'll look further.

    I have two systematic theology books, anyway.


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