Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Idolization of Theology?

Picking up from where these 3 great posts leave off (Moderation Coalition, Of Militants and Moderates, Who, Us Self-Loathing?), I wonder what the "idolization of theology" actually means. If theology, to put it simply, is the study of God, His ways, and His will, then the total immersion of oneself in this endeavor, and the passionate defense of it against error, must be the greatest safeguards against true idolatry, would it not be?

The dichotomy erected by many against orthodoxy and orthopraxy has given rise to an emasculated Christianity that overemphasizes orthopraxy (translated as "niceness", "amiability", or "moderation") to the tarring and feathering of those who passionately and rightly declare that right doctrine, i.e. confessional Reformed theology, is the foundation and bedrock upon which all structures of godly living and devotion are built, i.e. confessional Reformed piety and practice.

We who put a premium on the confessions and creeds of our faith are constantly bombarded by the revilements of those who deem our unwavering and unbending stand on doctrine as divisive, offensive, and detrimental to the cause. But perhaps the problem is that, in truth, we actually have different causes! Whereas the pietists strive for Christlikeness (or their notion of it) through means other than sound, biblical, confessional Reformed doctrine, we of the confessional Reformed persuasion, with all our minds, soul, and strength, preach doctrine from the rooftops for we know that only through this can Christlikeness be truly formed. The former cause is achievable through pagan religion. The latter only through confessional Reformed theology.

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